Brochure & Flyer Design

Brochure and flyer design at Minuteman Press of Huntington

Brochure, Flyer, and Pamplet Design Service!

Brochure Design can be tricky, so we provided a few tips below:

- COVER: Its the first thing viewers see, so make sure it is very eye-catching. Use a single high resolution image that promotes your message for the most impact.

- HEADINGS: Many people skim marketing materials very quickly to determine if its worthwhile. Make sure you have bold and exciting headers that can grab their attention easily. Follow it up with clear and creatively written sub-titles and text

- FONTS: Every brochure and flyer should remin within a 2-3 font range. Make sure these fonts and compatible with one another and fit your branding. Its best to choose one serif (ie. arial, century gothic) one san serif (ie. times new roman, minion pro) and one script or handwriting font (ie. scriptina, zapfino).

Here at Minuteman Press of Huntington, we work with you to piece together an effective sales brochure. We have a wide range of programs that give us the freedom to create anything graphically. Feel free to sit down with one of our graphic designers and watch as they perform!

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