Email Marketing and Design

Email Marketing Design and Send-out Services

Custom Email Design and Blast Services at Low Rates!

Email Marketing is a crucial part of doing business in the multichannel world we live in today. When combined with other elements such as direct mail, it sustains customer loyalty and drives future business.

Here at Minuteman Press, we design an email campaign that best fits your branding and complements your other marketing efforts. Some of the most effective ways email marketing contributes are:

* Improve brand awareness

* Generate interest in a product or service

* Learn about customer needs through a survey

* To cross-sell or upsell products and services

* Drive traffic to your location or website

* Strengthen your customer relationship

Cost per email decreases with quantity with eventually getting to only 3 cents. Cross-market and channel your marketing emails to your website to increase business and activity. Contact us now to get your e-marketing campaign started!